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How Do I care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant?

Generally, planted orchids are low maintenance plants and they are considered to be pet friendly.  Pet friendly can mean different things to different pets so you should always be careful with any plant in the pet’s environment.  It would be extremely difficult for your grocer, a greenhouse or your local florist to guarantee that an orchid is safe for any pet.  Allergies etc., in pets (as in humans) are often undiagnosed until after the reaction. 

Having said that, we all know that phal orchids are simply gorgeous and come in many beautiful colours.  Kudos to Mother Nature!   Phalaenopsis orchids are the flower that graces TV shows, coffee tables and magazines.  These beautiful and exotic-looking flowers won't thrive without proper care. Here are a few tips on how to care for them:

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

  1. A moderately bright spot that is NOT in direct sun is their favourite place to be. 
  2. Phal orchids enjoy a fairly warm environment, no cool drafts.  A daytime temp of 21-27 celsius keeps them most happy. A nighttime temp drop to 17-19 celsius is also agreeable to this plant.
  3. Watering can be the most confusing task.  Most orchid specialists suggest that watering in the morning is the best time of day. This allows the plant to absorb the water it needs and any excess water can evaporate during the day.  Excess water at the base of the leaves or in the pot may cause bacteria to develop.
  4. The general idea is to water them before they dry out but not to water in such a way that their roots are sitting in water.  There’s the confusion!  The quantity (1-3 ice cubes) and the frequency (every 5-10 days) will depend on the temperature and humidity in its environment along with the season. 

While the care steps may seem ominous, the plant is so worth it!  Gorgeous and long lasting – blooms thriving in a perfect environment should last 2-6 months.   

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