Why do we charge for Delivery?

Wouldn’t it be great if the flowers could get to where they need to be without human intervention. Sadly, this isn’t so just yet - maybe in the future when drones can take over this task!

Some flower retailers offer “free delivery”. This usually means one of two things: 1) the cost of the delivery is included in the flower price or 2) the cost of the delivery will be deducted from your flower selection resulting in a smaller than anticipated arrangement.

We would rather be honest and transparent.

At Panda Flowers, our delivery drivers are trained in the care and transport of flowers. When our Canadian winters take over, flowers simply should not be left outside. Our drivers know what to do. They will do their best to contact the recipient and make arrangements for a successful delivery. Alternatively, a neighbor may be asked to accept the delivery on behalf of the recipient. Either way, clear communication is key.

Calgary, Cochrane, Edmonton, Sherwood Park ALL $14.95 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM N/A
Other Provinces (delivery & wire service fees) ALL $25.00 NOON NOON NOON NOON NOON NOON N/A
International & Overseas (delivery & wire service fees) ALL $35.00 NOON NOON NOON NOON NOON NOON N/A

Daily Cutoff Times

Local Delivery

Same day delivery if your order is placed before 1:00 pm. This daily cut off time may vary during busy floral holidays. We will let you know if your order cannot be delivered on the same day as you place it.

Small Towns & Bedroom Communities

Wherever possible, we will use a partner florist in small towns to create and deliver your flowers. In some instances, there may not be a florist available or there may be an additional delivery fee. We will keep you informed on these items. Communication is key!

Deliveries outside of Alberta

The same day delivery cut off time will be determined by the time zone where the flowers are being delivered. It is always best to order your flowers at least 24-48 hours ahead if they are outside Alberta’s time zone.

International Deliveries

International deliveries require 24-48 hours and please be aware that Sunday delivery is not available for international deliveries.

Request to Leave Flowers at the Door

Our policy is to call the recipient to make sure they are available to receive the delivery. It is important that a contact phone number is provided for us to call your recipient. If you ask us to simply leave the flowers at the recipient’s door, you agree to assume all liability for the flowers.