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A Guide to Sending Flowers to Hospitals

Sending flowers to a loved one who’s in the hospital is a lovely way to let them know you’re thinking about them and wishing them well.  Most flowers can be included in arrangements being delivered to hospitals but it is always best to include flowers with the least amount of scent.  Some flower stems, such as stargazer or casablanca lilies, are strongly scented and should not be included in flower arrangements delivered to hospitals.  In fact, most hospitals will not allow arrangements that contain these types of lilies to be delivered to a patient’s room.

Chat with your Panda Florist and they can assist you in choosing the best flowers to include in your floral gift.   In some instances, you may want to consider a plant or a dish garden as your floral delivery to the patient. 

At Panda Flowers, we understand the importance of delivering the ideal flower gift to your loved one. Our talented floral designers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate flowers while still creating a lovely arrangement that will convey your best wishes. 

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